Uniheat 30 hour heat pack shipping warmers are the first warmers designed especially for small pets, tropical plants and other temperature sensitive products. Protects products from cold weather.

These Uniheat packs are perfect for aiding in the transport of live insects, reptiles, fish, flowers, shrimp and more. Place this heat pack inside the container, and heat is produced for up to 30 hours!

Theese are also great to have for power outages in winter or loss of your heating element(s). During a prolonged power outage, you can either attach these to your reptile’s cage or take them out into a separate container to keep them warm.

30+ Hour Small Pet Shipping Warmer

  • Best for longer than one day shipping
  • Higher temperature than 40 Hr. Warmer
  • Longer lasting than 20 Hr. Warmer
  • Specially designed for shipping pets from one cold region to another cold one.

Heat packs work through a chemical reaction between the contents of the heat pack and oxygen in the surrounding air. Oxygen flow is regulated through the perforated red line. Never cover the red line with tape or anything else.

Pre-start your heat pack two hours before shipping. Shake it up well, and place it in a folded towel so it can generate a quick, solid heat. The heat pack will not heat up properly if you leave it in open air.

The heat pack must be well started before you tape it to the underside of the top insulation panel and seal your box. Remember not to tape over the perforated red line. The red line should face the interior of the box.

Note: Do not overuse heat packs! Use only one heat pack per box unless you are using our largest box, the 30″x16″x10″, where two heat packs can be used if needed. Two heat packs in a box 16x16x8 or smaller will cause the box to get too hot and can kill the animal.

Heat packs should never come into direct contact with the animal bag/container.
There should always be crumpled newspaper or other packaging material between the heat pack and animal bag/container.
Heat pack should never be placed under an animal bag/container, as it will result in high likelihood of DOA.
Heat pack should be taped securely to underside of the styrofoam lid. DO NOT cover the red stripe with tape!

The 30hr heat pack should reach about 100F in about 30 minutes if used appropriately.


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