60x loupe with phone adapter, which will attach to any phone (you may need to remove your phone case). Attach this to your phone and it will allow you to sex geckos and get some interesting shots! You can see some photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3: One is of a Crested gecko’s toe pad, a female Crested gecko (no visible pores), a male Leachie (visible pores), and some carpet fibers.

This has a built in LED light (Blacklight and regular).

How to use this:

Attach to a phone of your choice (may need to remove case to use properly).

Align the loupe with the camera lens.

Turn on the light (if needed)

The loupe needs to be in contact with the item you wish to look at. Place animals inside clear delicups to make it easier to photograph and observe.

You can now either use your phone as a microscope and/or get some awesome macro shots!

Includes storage pouch!

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 6 in