A great 6pc snake probe kit to help you determine the sex (gender) of your snake(s)! This kit also comes with a zip-up pouch to keep everything neat and organized. Each probe is extensively polished with round ball tip for ultra smooth surface  and is make from high quality surgical grade stainless steel.

Each probe is 5 – 5 /12″ long

Probes included: .07 inches, .08 inches, .105 inches, .115 inches, .35 inches, .40 inches

Probing is a method of determining whether or not a snake has hemipenial pockets. This pocket is present in males and is absent from female snakes.

**Using too much force can injure your snake. Please use caution when probing snakes and seek help if you are unsure how to properly prove a snake.

To probe a snake, select a probe from the 6pc snake probe kit of the proper diameter to carefully and gently insert into the side of the vent of the snake directed backwards (towards the tail tip) along the interior of the side of the tail. If the snake is a male, and if the lubricated probe is of the correct diameter, the probe will slip the width of 6 to 10 subcaudal scale rows (the scales beneath the tail) into the hemipenial pocket. A female snake lacks the pocket, and the insertion of the probe will be stopped after only 2 to 4 scale rows. If the probe is of an incorrect diameter or if it is pushed too hard, injury to the copulatory organs can occur.

You can also probe bearded dragons, though this is usually not recommended as there are easier ways to properly sex bearded dragons.


Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in