Flexwatt is the original reptile heat tape and has been improved with a flame retardant coating! The heat tape is sealed in a durable, flexible polyurethane, which allows for slight bends to wrap around cages and/or racks. Hard 90 degree bends which crease the tape are not recommended. Flexwatt is an excellent heating option for reptile heating needs. Flexwatt can be installed under a cage (belly heat) or on a wall (back/side heat), depending on the animal’s needs.

The 3 Inch heat tape is 3 inches wide, provides 10 watts of heat per foot, and is ultra-thin at .012 inches thick! The max length for the 3 inch heat tape is 48ft.

Heat tape requires a dimmer, rheostat, or thermostat to regulate the temperature. Heat tape should not be operated over 95 degrees Fahrenheit due to risk of fire and/or injury. Intended for indoor use only.

WARNING! Because this is a DIY product that you manufacture yourself, there is no implied warranty and you incur all liability for its use.

Flexwatt is sold by the foot (i.e. and order of ‘5’ would be 5ft of heat tape). Quantity ordered will be shipped in one (1) continuous length.  Connectors and insulators are sold separately.


Weight 0.01875 lbs
Dimensions 0.25 × 3 × 0.25 in

Flexwatt Wiring in Parrallel