The Gecko Ledge was designed for crested geckos but can be used for all other wall climbing geckos such as Gargoyle and Day geckos.  It holds two 2oz disposable cups that can be reused several times before being replaced.

The gecko ledge comes with four (4) 2oz cups and additional/replacements can be purchased. The gecko ledge will also fit small 1.5oz cups, though these will not fit flush to the bottom of the ledge.

Size 9″ x 4.75″

Magnaturals are a great way to decorate your animal’s home! The magnets are super strong to hold the weight of your animals and are easy to move around. Installs in seconds and can be rearranged at will! Use multiple Magnaturals to create a unique home! Now you can decorate the walls of your animal’s home and create a more natural environment. These will work with glass, screen, acrylic, wood, and just about anything that’s ¼” (.25”) or thinner. Magnaturals are a 100% non-toxic foam material.


Remove the magnet locks from the ledge. Place the ledge in the desired location. Using the magnetic locks, place them about 6 inches below the ledge and SLOWLY bring the lock up to the ledge. DO NOT allow the magnetic lock to snap against the ledge when installing, as you can crack and damage your cage. To remove, simple reverse these instructions.

Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4.75 × 3 in