Pen style mini infrared thermometer. Perfect to check the temperature in your gecko’s, snake’s, lizard’s, etc cage! This mini infrared thermometer will measure the surface temperature of whatever you aim it at! Simply point and click. No need to run probe cables or mount thermometers inside the cage again! Great for spot checking temperatures and hot spots.

These are also really great to see where your house heat may be escaping.

This is identical to the Zilla Model! Comes with batteries and a small wrist strap.

Display:                                                          3 ½ digit on LCD display

Temperature range:                                      -58ºF – 482ºF or -50ºC to 220ºC

Accuracy:                                                       ±2% or 2ºC

Repeatability:                                                1% or 1ºC

Response Time:                                            ≤ 0.8 second

Emissivity:                                                      0.95 fixed

Working environment:                                 32ºF ~ 122ºF or 0ºC ~ 50ºC

Relative humidity:                                         10% -95 RH noncondensing

Storage temperature:                                   -58ºF to 122ºF or -20ºC to 50ºC

Power:                                                            2pcs AG13 cell button(1.5V/each) INCLUDED!

Distance Spot Ratio:                                    1 : 1

Recommend measuring distance:            .4 inches 3 inches or to 10mm to 80mm

Resolution:                                                    0.1ºC or 0.1ºF


**the mini Infrared thermometer cannot measure through  glass, acrylic, plexiglass, or other translucent material. If you attempt to measure your the temperature ‘through’ such material, you are simply measuring the surface temperature of the translucent surface.

Additional Function:

  • Auto power off after 15 seconds
  • ºF/ºC Selection



Weight .3125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in