What is the best water to use? The answer is always Reverse Osmosis water (RO for short).

Purpose of a MistKing system is to create convenience, dependability through reliability and consistency. Added convenience is to mist with water that dries spot free and helps to keep your sprayed objects clean. Water is sparkling clean void of chemicals and contaminants. Using RO water will ensure that you never clog your nozzles.

Mistking has been in the exotic hobby for 25+ years and operating mistking for 15+.  Over the years Mistking has tested and used multitudes of RO system professionally and personally.  Before getting their own filtration system, Mistking formulated a list of things an ideal filter should have.

These are:

  1. Must have booster pump as non boostered filters just don’t provide consistent water production and have a shorter cartridge life.
  2. Must be easy to install
  3. Must indicate when it’s time to change cartridges
  4. Must have an onboard TDS meter, displaying quality of produced water (TDS=Total Dissolved Solids)
  5. Must automatically FLUSH it’s RO membrane to prolong its life
  6. Must have filters that are effortless to change with no tools
  7. Must come with a storage reservoir that can provide water for you and the MistKing system.
  8. Must be attractive looking, if you’re into RO filters 🙂

Jungle Hobbies Reverse Osmosis filter is made specifically for us and we made sure that all of the above ‘must have’s come standard.

**These units are shipped directly from the manufacturer.**

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in