The Pangea MicroDish is a small, easy-to-install feeding dish for Day Geckos, Micro Geckos,?Eurydactylodes?spp., and?baby New Caledonian Geckos like Crested Geckos, and many more small reptiles.?Designed with arboreal geckos in mind,?the dish securely attaches to vines and branches for custom placement. The durable plastic will stand up to any geckos and is easy to remove to clean. The branch mount system is ideal for?hiding a food dish in?a naturalistic environment for your gecko.


Attach the mount to a branch or vine with a zip-tie
Attach your filled dish and let the magnets do the rest!
Refill your clean dish on the holding dots or metal surface for easy filling
The adhesive-holding dots can be stuck wherever you like!

Branch Mount Kit Includes:

1x Magnetic Dish
1x SYS1 Branch Mount
2x Holding Dots
4x Zip-ties

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2.5 × 4 in