The Reptile Basics 120 Watt Radiant Heat Panel cannot burn your animal, even if they touch it! Made with an exclusive smooth lens material, which doesn’t crack or fade in an attractive sealed Komatex housing for easy cleaning and disinfecting. These can’t be climbed on by your reptiles!

2 stainless steel screws are included for easy mounting and a low profile (under 2″ thick) means you can mount this just about anywhere!

These are Thermal fuse protected and come with a 6 foot power cord. A clip on plug for easy installation is included.

We recommend the use of the Vivarium Electronics proportional thermostats when using panels in enclosed areas to maintain the ideal temperatures for your reptiles.

The 120 Watt Radiant Heat Panel measures approximately 12.5″x 32.5″x 1.75″ (overall dimensions).


They will need to be installed on the top of the cage (inside the cage) using the two stainless steel screws provided or other hardware you supply if the screws are not appropriate for your cage setup. You will also need to install the power plug. These are shipped without the plug installed so you can easily route the power cord through a small hole in your cage. Installation of the RHP is quite simple and will only require a phillips screwdriver and about 5 minutes.

Fire Safety:

The Reptile Basics RHP now incorporates a self-resetting thermal fuse. Should the panels internal temperature exceed safe levels encountered in normal operation it will automatically shut down. While the element itself and the insulating material/lens are all fire resistant, consumers have expressed concern over the safety of heating devices used in their caging for some time. While many types of cage heating do not lend themselves to this type of safety device RHP’s to work very well with them. For this reason thermal fuses have incorporated it into all RBI RHPs.

To properly use this RHP with the thermal fuse you must take a couple of small precautions to ensure proper operation-

  • Do not mount the panel in such a way that the lens is closer than 6 inches from a cage surface
  • Do not set the panel lens side down on any surface while it is plugged in

Either of these will cause the internal panel temp to potentially exceed the operating temp of the fuse and potentially void your warranty and incapacitate the panel! While the fuse is self-resetting, it is intended for cutting power in extreme situations and not as a thermostat.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 13 × 2 in